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Beggining Clogging Dance Instructional Video Beginning Clogging Volume One, Two, Three & Four features a total of 57 steps
taught by Pat Dennis of Pat's Clogging Studios.   These four videos that 
correspond with our clogging flash cards, are available below in sets, or can
be purchased individually.                
To view the steps available on each video
---click here---

To view a video clip from Volume Three, Step # 18  "1/2 Samantha"  ---click here---

Intermediate Clogging Volume Five, Six.  A continuation of clogging with a little more of a challenge than One through Four above.
To view the steps available on each video
---click here---

Celtic Fire Irish Dance Instructional Video

Celtic Fire (Beginning Irish) Volume One
This video is 45 minutes long, and features  beginning steps directed by Pat Dennis of Celtic Fire Irish Dance Co.  The featured dancer is Chelsea Scott, and shows the very basic beginning steps to Irish hard & soft shoe dance.
This will enable you to join an Irish Ceili Dance for fun! 

Clogging Flash Cards

Clogging Flash Cards shows 57 steps in conjunction with the four clogging videos
available above.  The red side shows the name of the step, with the opposing blue
side showing how the step is done in detail.  Have a "duel" with another dancer
on the steps.  Use this deck when writing choreography to remind you of some steps to use.  There are many uses for these--be creative!
To view a list of the steps on this set of cards, and the clogging videos
---click here---

The Choreographed dance routine taught by Pat Dennis to the song "See What You Want To See" - by the group "Hogmolly" from their CD "Hickadelic Jazzgrass"
The song is a great routine for Adults!  Buy this routine and you get a VHS video with the music as it is being taught, an original "Hickadelic Jazzgrass"CD, and also 2nd CD with music/slow/fast/cues called, and pdf file of the written choreography to print down from your computer.   ALL FOR $39.95!  See Below

Acappella Five Way

"Acappella" shown five different ways.  32 beats shows each way, but also breaks down the the dances to show how similar, and at the same time how different they can be done.
This is a good demo to do at a performance to show the five ways, and then dance them together with five groups of dancers.  Written choreography by Pat Dennis included. 
Available in DVD format only at this time.   

Beginning Clogging Volume I (steps 1 through 15) (52 minutes)


Video Format


Beginning Clogging Volume II (steps 16 through 29)


Video Format

Beginning Clogging Volume III (steps 30 through 43)


Video Format

Beginning Clogging Volume IV (steps 44 through 57) (37 minutes)


Video Format

Beginning Irish I (7steps) (45 minutes)


Video Format

Clogging Flash Cards (57 steps)



Videos & Flash Card Special (Volume I through IV Beginning Clogging)


Video Format

Intermediate Clogging Steps Volume V


Video Format

Intermediate Clogging Steps Volume VI


Video Format

"See What You Want To See" Choreographed Video, Music CD, and support CD with cues, and pdf file.....see above!  


  VHS Format

Acappella Five Way         DVD and written chorography  


  DVD Format

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