Ozark Mountain Daredevils-Men From Earth

Here is the famous 1976 album cover with Clarence & Roscoe Jones.  The Daredevils by law 
could only show  3/4 of the picture, as the rights were owned by A & M Records.  
The picture was taken in June 1976.  Clarence Jones died several years ago, however his son
Roscoe is still alive and lives in a retirement home in Ozark Missouri.  
Roscoe is the one on the right.

Posted 11-21-03

Roscoe Jones passed away on Friday, November 14, 2003 in Ozark, MO.  He died from an apparent 
heart failure at the age of 79.  He will be missed by many people, friends, and "fans".  We are fortunate to 
have talked to him and to have taken the photos below.  See more on the story of his life
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Ozark Mountain Daredevils-Men From Earth

Now that the album has been licensed by New Era Productions they can now 
of course once again show the entire album cover.
Scheduled for release to the public on 11/19/02
Copy number 1 was sold to Kevin & Pat Dennis on reissue
Confirmed by Benny Smith of New Era Productions
--Click Here for music by the Daredevils--


Pat Dennis & Roscoe JonesRoscoe Jones

Here are two pictures taken of Roscoe Jones in Ozark, Missouri on July 14th, 2001.  The one on the left 
was taken by Beverly Thomason.  The one on the right was taken by Pat Dennis.
Roscoe was so excited that Pat recognized him and wanted to take his picture that he took his coat off and 
threw it down on the ground....and smiled!  He told Pat that he came to the fair to see the horses.
The album pictures above and these are 25 years apart!
He is able to leave the retirement home by himself and walk around in Ozark.  
(We were at the Christian County Fair in Ozark, Missouri, at Bill & Peg McClerran's Talent Contest)



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